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INBusiness Loans

INBusiness Banking that's Just Right for You™

We offer a full range of commercial products that are just right for your business’s unique needs:

Please come by one of our locations to speak with a commercial loan officer, or contact us for more information.

Real Estate Loans

Whether starting or expanding your existing business, INSOUTH can help you acquire real estate and assist in the financing of your company’s facility. We offer mortgages for the construction, purchase, refinancing or expansion of commercial property.

Residential Construction Loans

Whether you operate as a building contractor, real estate developer, or want to build a home for your own family, our construction lending experts will guide you through the process and make it as easy and flexible as possible.

Business Term Loans

We also offer a variety of term loans designed to provide you with the proceeds you need to purchase assets, make acquisitions and accommodate other business needs. A term loan from INSOUTH can help you:

  1. Finance permanent working capital to facilitate the growth of your company.
  2. Strengthen your competitive position by obtaining the fixed assets you need to grow and operate competitively.
  3. Maximize your company’s profitability through properly structured term debt that can be adequately repaid from your existing cash flow.

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Commercial Lines of Credit

Lines of credit give you the flexibility to draw funds when needed and repay these amounts when cash becomes available. Advances are easy to obtain through a phone call to INSOUTH Bank or automatically through our INLine sweep product. These lines can be structured to meet seasonal or short term timing differences.

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Letters of Credit

Letters of Credit are issued by INSOUTH on your behalf to guarantee that you will provide services to which you have agreed or make timely payments to a third party.

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Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans

INSOUTH Bank, a leading SBA lender, can help facilitate the SBA loan process through a number of available programs:

  • 7A Loan -- A loan provided to a small business unable to secure financing under reasonable terms through normal lending channels.
  • Low Doc Loan -- This SBA program makes smaller loans more cost effective since the process can be completed quicker and with less paperwork.
  • 504 Loan -- INSOUTH can accommodate longer term loans for the acquisition, construction, expansion or renovation of land, buildings, machinery, equipment or other fixed assets through this program.
  • Other SBA loans are also available such as cap lines to meet a company’s working capital needs and contract loans which provide financing to help in the completion of contracts.

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INReserve Line of Credit

Designed especially for established customer relationships needing ongoing access to credit, INReserve is a line of credit between $5,000 and $50,000 designed to help cover seasonal expenses or other recurring costs of running your business. The minimum monthly payment includes a reduction of principal, ensuring your line is available when you need it. INReserve is an excellent way to fund your ongoing and seasonal needs with a minimum of effort.

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