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Mobile Deposit

Cash Management Services

Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit utilizes a desktop scanner that connects to your PC and the Internet. With it, you can scan checks received from customers and issue deposits electronically to the bank. Anytime day or night. It's the fastest way to turn check deposits into cash. Find out more.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Services

ACH guarantees accurate payments from your customers, and simplifies your accounts receivable and payable processes. With preauthorized ACH debits and credits, you generate an electronic file of payments to be debited from (or credited to) your accounts. ACH also saves you time and money by automating your payroll and serving as an electronic bill payment service.

Wire Transfers

This is the fastest way to send payments, with same-day availability assured. Wire transfers can be originated through e-Corp from your office, saving you time and money; and repetitive wires can be processed electronically.


With an INSOUTH commercial checking account and commercial loan, you determine the balance needed to cover your expenses, and then automatically sweep funds into and out of your loan to maintain that balance. You could reduce interest expense on your loan, and minimize checking account fees.

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Zero Balance Accounts (ZBAs)

ZBAs allow you to concentrate your cash for investments, debt reduction, or other purposes by sweeping among your deposit accounts at INSOUTH Bank each day. One cash concentration account is required, and various ZBAs are opened based on your need. Checks and/or deposits are presented on the ZBAs, and after all activity has been completed, funds are swept into or out of the ZBAs to maintain predetermined balances.

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Lockbox Services

You can speed up your collections process, reduce employee overhead, and provide a more complete audit trail by partnering with a trusted third party like INSOUTH Bank for your accounts receivables. We establish a Post Office Box, to which you instruct your customers to mail their remittances. We process the checks and make the deposits into your account daily, and transmit all remittance information to you. You can monitor daily deposit totals through INSOUTH e-Corp.

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Direct Deposit

Eliminate check writing, increase accuracy, and reduce paperwork and fraud with INSOUTH’s Direct Deposit service. Direct Deposit electronically deposits an employee's net payroll amount into a checking or savings account at any financial institution that participates in the ACH Network. Direct Deposit saves time, increases efficiency, and reduces payroll processing costs. It’s also convenient for dividend payments, expense reimbursements, or for payments to vendors via ACH.

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CD-ROM Statements

Access months, even years of account history easily by receiving your monthly statements on a CD-ROM. You are provided images of your bank statement, paid checks, deposit slips, and deposited items in a format that is much more quickly retrieved, more readable, and more convenient than bulky paper statements.

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