5 Tips To Manage Your Bills Better

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Do You Manage Your Bills?
(Or Do They Manage You?)

In the technology-driven age we live in, we enjoy the benefits and experience difficulties that technology brings. In terms of managing bills, we like the ease of online banking and bill pay. Conversely, when we do happen to receive a paper bill, there’s the risk of losing it or forgetting to pay it because we are so used to doing everything online. Managing our bills and budget takes a little work but with the help of these tips, it should become easier.

Pay immediately

When a bill comes in the mail or you receive an e-statement, pay it immediately if possible. If not, write the due date of the bill on the outside of the envelope and set a reminder on your phone to pay it as soon as you are able.

Pay cash

It’s far too easy to whip out a credit or Debit Card and pay at the counter. When you have a set amount of cash on hand for your purchases, you are less liable to spend more money than your budget allows. It may take some self-control but you’ll begin to see the benefits and be glad you made the change.

Watch due dates

If you are not able to pay a bill immediately, store them in order of when they are due. This will make is easy to glance through them and take care of them when necessary.

Keep them visible

Store paper bills in a visible spot. Find an upright file box for your desk to keep you from piling other papers on top of them. Again, file them in order of due date so you do not miss any.

Keep supplies handy

Allocate a spot on your desk for the things you’ll need to pay your bills. Things like envelopes, stamps, and your checkbook should all be in a handy spot so you can take care of your bill-paying quickly. The more you are prepared, the more likely you are to sit down and get it done.

Making a few good changes to your spending habits and making it easier on yourself to get bills paid will help you stay on target with your money. A little work now makes for big benefits down the road!

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