How To Save Money On Your Electricity Bill

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Conscientious consumers desire to stretch their dollars as far as they can and save money anywhere they can in their budget. One way of saving money each month, is by lessening the cost of your electricity usage. With the cost of electricity going up each year, it’s important to be aware of ways to decrease your utility bill. Along with changing your air filter every 30 days, here are some money saving tips.

5 Tips To Manage Your Bills Better

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In the technology-driven age we live in, we enjoy the benefits and experience difficulties that technology brings. In terms of managing bills, we like the ease of online banking and bill pay. Conversely, when we do happen to receive a paper bill, there’s the risk of losing it or forgetting to pay it because we are so used to doing everything online. Managing our bills and budget takes a little work but with the help of these tips, it should become easier.

7 things to teach your kids about money RIGHT NOW

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While it may seem like ages until your kids are faced with serious financial decision-making, it’s never too soon to get them on track towards fiscal responsibility. Most experts believe in a two-prong approach: teach children to have both a healthy attitude towards personal finances and, at the same time, be savvy and responsible enough to manage their day-to-day and long-term needs.

Ways To Build Your Child’s Financial Future

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Sometimes as parents, we question everything. Are my kids safe? Are they happy? Am I being the parent they need me to be? All these are great questions but sometimes we need to consider things that aren’t in the present. We need to consider their future. Will they be provided for should I no longer be able to care for them? Will we be able to afford college? Am I teaching them to be responsible with money? At INSOUTH Bank, we want to encourage you as parents to begin when your kids are little to prepare for their future.

Jennifer Wilson

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Jennifer Wilson | INSOUTH Bank

Jennifer has been an INSOUTH Bank team member for almost 28 years and serves as a loan assistant for our Atoka Branch (Hwy 51 Region).