New Phishing Scam – Text Messages – Regions Bank


New Scam Alert: Text Message: A Phishing Scam involving a text appearing to be from Regions Bank.

You are urged to not call the number. Do not click the link. Do not respond to the text. Delete the message.

The unsolicited Regions Bank text going around is telling people their accounts are being deactivated. This is a scam.

The text being sent is not from Regions Bank, it is a phishing scam. these types of text messages are typically sent en masse and include both customers and non-customers.

If you did not respond to the text message, your personal information should be secure. Just Delete the text.

Do not reply to the text message, you will verify that your cell number is real and the scammer could sell your number to other scammers. If you call the number provided, you will be prompted to give your 16 digit card number and other personal information. Do not provide that information. Delete the text message.

If you believe that you have received and replied to this scam, provided private information about your account, please contact your financial institution. INSOUTH Customers: contact us

To notify Regions you may do so by emailing them at

Remember, No legitimate bank, government agency, or retailer will ever ask you for anything via text.

This is a sample of the text being received.