Ways To Save For Retirement Easier


When you think about your retirement years, what do you envision? Selling your large home and moving into a condo with a small yard? Moving to Florida and passing your time playing golf and canasta? Or traveling the world, having adventures with your significant other? No matter the future you have planned, you have to have a financial plan to make it happen. At Insouth Bank we care about your financial future and want to help you have the retirement experience you desire.

1. It’s never too soon to start saving for retirement

If you’re already saving…great! Keep it up! If you haven’t started, it’s time. The more you save the more your money makes for you. Try to increase how much you’re saving each month if you can. Or if you’re paying off debt, start saving more as you get more and more out of debt. Your money will grow for you each month and year you save it, so keep going!

Ready To Save For Tomorrow?

Talk with an INSOUTH Bank representative about planning for your next phase in life.

2. Calculate your retirement needs

Depending on your current lifestyle, you may not be able to continue it at retirement unless you make plans now. 70% of your current income is what you’ll need to save to maintain your current lifestyle. Don’t be caught without funds. Figure it out now so you’ll be ready. You may also consider beginning to spend less. This will prepare you for being on a more fixed income.

3. Look at any options your employer offers like 401K

3. Look at any options your employer offers like 401K. If this is available to you, it’s wise to take advantage. Some employers will match what you put in or contribute more when you do. Put in as much as you can and don’t touch it! Automatic deductions make it convenient to deposit each month.

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