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Savings Accounts & Certificates of Deposit

Regular Savings

Saving for the future, or for any specific goal, is important.

  • $100.00 minimum to open
  • Interest compounded daily and credited quarterly
  • Quarterly statements showing all activity
  • $5.00 account fee per quarter if your account falls below $300.00
  • 6 withdrawals per quarter allowed, then $5.00 for each withdrawal

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Custom Savings Account     

Decide when you need the money and save for a particular reason --Christmas, vacation, tuition, or just "rainy day funds"

  • $25.00 minimum to open
  • You set the maturity from 6 months to 3 years
  • 1 withdrawal per quarter allowed, then $5.00 each; $25.00 early withdrawal penalty
  • Interest compounded daily and credited annually or at maturity.
  • You can deposit at any time

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Independent Savings/MoneyBee Bug Club

  • $10.00 to open
  • No monthly account fee
  • 6 withdrawals per quarter, then $5.00 each
  • Interest compounded daily and credited quarterly
  • MoneyBee Bug Club for children up to age 12
  • Bug Club members receive special prizes with each deposit
  • MoneyBee visits to area schools make saving easy for children

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Certificates of Deposit

When you want to earn maximum interest on your deposits

  • $500.00 minimum to open
  • Maturities from 30 days to 5 years, according to your needs
  • Interest compounded daily and credited quarterly
  • Penalty for early withdrawal, according to the term of the CD
  • Automatic renewal at maturity

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