Business Debit Cards

Your Business Check Card is convenient and ready to use anywhere Visa® is accepted. 


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Visa® Business Debit Card

Visa Business Debit

Your Business Debit Card is convenient and ready to use anywhere Visa® is accepted. All transactions will be automatically deducted from your Checking Account and appear on your monthly statement.

Access your uChoose Points Rewards



  • Access MoneyPass1 ATMs worldwide surcharge free
  • uChoose Rewards Points® with Cash Back Option (Register your card at uChoose Rewards Points  & earn points for your signature based transactions.) Terms and Conditions may apply. Cash redemptions are issued via a credit to your Account which will be applied to your Account within 1 or 2 billing cycles. No cancellations or refunds on this item.
  • Visa Auto Updater (VAU)2 - Now when your card information changes, VAU will ensure participating merchants receive your updated information automatically. You may opt out of this feature at any time by contacting or by calling 1-866-348-3614.
  • Fraud Prevention Services - We use industry leading technology to help prevent suspected fraudulent transactions. Occasionally it is necessary to block card transactions in other states, foreign countries, and various locations where fraudulent activity is prevalent. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but assure you this action is taken to protect you.
  • For your protection, activate your card once received. Never reveal your PIN to anyone or write your PIN on your card.


  • Activate your card once received. You will setup your PIN at this time.
  • Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) may be required to complete purchases with some merchants.
  • Safeguard your card number. Treat your card like cash and always keep it in a safe place. Report a lost or stolen card immediately.


1 A surcharge fee may be imposed if you use your Rewards Debit Card outside the MoneyPass network. A surcharge fee may be imposed if you use your Premium Debit Card outside the MoneyPass network or First Tennessee Bank ATMs.

2 Since, not all merchants participate in VAU, you should notify merchants when your card information is updated to ensure payments are not interrupted and to avoid late payments and penalties.

You must Register your new card number at to begin earning points and to redeem points.

To help prevent possible card interruptions, let us know when you plan to travel, memorize your PIN, and keep your contact information current. 

After Hours Service – For assistance with Debit Card denials, fraudulent activity, or to advise us of your travel plans Call 1-800-541-3891, Option 2 .

There is a monthly Premium Debit Card charge fee of $5.00.



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