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At INSOUTH Bank, we seek creative and career-oriented employees who will strengthen our market presence and enhance shareholder value. Whether you have several years of banking experience or are new to the industry, we offer employment opportunities that will develop your professional and personal goals.


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Complete the Following Steps:

  • Please e-mail a current and detailed resume to
  • Note the position you wish to apply for in the subject line.*
  • Please ensure resume includes an e-mail address, as it is required should future contact be merited.
  • Submissions will be disbursed to the appropriate manager; however, this does not guarantee an interview.
  • Only qualified applicants, in conjunction with the job description, will be seriously considered.
  • Interviewed applicants should receive follow up e-mails, as the process deems necessary and in accordance with INSOUTH Bank’s application procedures.
  • INSOUTH Bank is an EEO (An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer)

INSOUTH Bank’s HR Department will only accept resumes when an active position is available.


Positions Available 

Portfolio Manager; Memphis, TN. Individual will be responsible for overseeing the loan and private banking portfolios of the lenders working in their markets. This position deals primarily with Complex Commercial Real Estate Loans and is expected to help free the lender to spend more time in pursuit of new business opportunities and in expanding existing relationships. Five to ten or more years of advanced experience and progressive responsibilities, proven knowledge, and skill levels in all aspects of loan documentation and lending related compliance, strong organizational and administrative skills. High School diploma or equivalent, associate’s degree preferred. 
Loan Operations Specialist III; Memphis, TN. This position is the Primary Loan Processor responsible for reviewing and working new loan packages, renewals, extension, Letters of Credit; SBA loans and participations and in putting loans onto the system. Verification of loan approval and validation of note prior to system input is required. Attorney prepared loans are entered manually. As loans are booked, prepare manila folder for original loan and guaranty agreements to be filed in fireproof cabinets, make copies for the collateral and credit files and scan documents to Premier Unity. 
Loan Operations Specialist II; Memphis, TN. The purpose of this job is to prepare loan documents for scanning, indexing and quality control for document imagining. Duties include preparing documents, scanning, indexing, quality control, filing and creating files. Other general loan support provided as needed. 

Reaffirmation of EEO Policy

Authorized background/credit checks conducted. Employment subject to drug screen.


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