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Personal Retirement Accounts

How you prepare is up to you. Visit INSOUTH to ensure your golden years are truly golden. The rest of your life is waiting.




Traditional IRA

View INSOUTH Bank’s comprehensive portfolio of retirement investment opportunities, including IRAs, long-term savings accounts and more.

Roth IRA

A Less Taxing Retirement. Tax-free funds for a worry-free retirement, with INSOUTH Bank.

Is Retirement on Your Mind?

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Traditional IRA

Put Yourself on a Path to Retirement Success

Whether it’s right around the corner or decades away, INSOUTH’s Traditional IRAs will ensure you’re on the path towards your most golden years yet. With flexible terms, high yield potential and, even, tax benefits you can enjoy today.

Contribute up to $4,000 per year—$5,000 after age 50—and watch your retirement savings grow over time. Contributions are tax-deductible and earnings grow 100% tax-free until you withdraw the funds in retirement.


  • High potential accounts designed to be your core retirement income or, alternatively, can work in conjunction with existing investments, pensions or 401(k) plans
  • Contributions to your Traditional IRA are tax-deductible, and earnings grow tax-free
  • Expedited savings plans after the age of 50 to ensure you have the funds you need on day one of retirement


An account that allows you to defer taxes on your earnings until they are withdrawn.

  • Certain contributions may be tax deductible in the year they are made, based on how much you earn and whether you or your spouse participate in a retirement at work*
  • Anyone with earned income can contribute; both spouses can each contribute, even if only one has earned income
  • Your IRA grows tax-deferred until withdrawal, at which time withdrawals are taxed as ordinary income
  • 10% early withdrawal penalty prior to 59 ½ years old; mandatory withdrawals start at age 70 ½ years
  • Certain step-ups in your eligible annual amount apply if you are over 50 years old
  • Other eligibility requirements may apply

* Please consult a certified tax consultant.


Roth IRA

A Non-Deductible Account that Features Tax-Deferred Earning and Withdrawals

You’ve planned, you’ve saved, you’ve invested—and when retirement comes, the last thing on your mind should be taxes and penalties. A Roth IRA allows your post-tax contributions to build today, so you can access them tax-free tomorrow. When you hit 59 ½, those funds are yours, with no penalties, fees, taxes or added expenses—just your cash, plain and simple.

  • Contributions may be permitted by qualified depositors, according to IRS rules and regulations governing IRA accounts
  • Roth IRA contributions are taxed in the year they are earned
  • Roth IRA dollars grow tax-deferred until you withdraw money, and qualifying withdrawals are tax-free
  • 10% early withdrawal penalty prior to 59 ½ years old, but you are not required to withdraw at 70 ½ years
  • Other eligibility requirements apply
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