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INSOUTH Bank is a team committed to assisting our customers, employees, and communities in achieving their goals.


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We are pleased to provide eClub benefits to our customers!

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In All Shapes & Sizes

Learn about all the personal loan options available through INSOUTH Bank.

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Banking That is Just Right For You

Just Right for You Since 1869

INSOUTH Bank is a caring corporate citizen who is committed to the communities we serve. We are INVested in our communities and our customers. Thank you for banking with INSOUTH Bank!

Introducing our brand new logo!

new logo & slogan

We are excited to share with you that we are bringing a fresh, new look to our logo as we evolve our legacy. Thank you for being a part of our story! As the oldest community bank in Tennessee, INSOUTH Bank continues to uphold the same values and commitment that built our foundation since 1869. We are moving forward and evolving to better serve our customers today and in the future!

The Colors Represent Our Roots - As Tennessee’s oldest community bank, we blend state pride and a rich corporate history to serve our communities with unwavering commitment.

The Shape and Font Represent Our Future - Balanced and approachable, we're laser-focused on delivering innovative and quality products that exceed our customers' expectations.

The Stripe Represents Our People - The discrete standalone 'S’ is callout to our team, the Independent Southerners that make Independent Southern Bancshares who we are.

  • What are we changing? We are changing our logo and slogan to further emphasize our commitment to continue to evolve and improve our products, services and procedures.
  • Why are we making the change? We want to reflect our pride in Tennessee by using colors from the state flag, as well as express our heritage as the oldest chartered bank in the state.
  • When will we be making this change? The new logo will roll out on the website, social media, online banking, and other digital channels in Q4 2023. Branch signage will be updated using a phased market approach starting in November with completion to be in Q1 2024.
  • When will new signage appear at my local branch? All branch signage will be updated starting in November 2023 using a phased market approach starting with the new Jackson branch.
  • Will this change impact our customers? No! Currently issued checks, debit cards, online banking, mobile banking and other ways our customers conduct their banking should continue to be used as we gradually change to the new branding.
  • Will a customer’s online or mobile banking credentials change? No, all credentials will remain the same.
  • Will a customer need to download a new mobile banking app? No, the INSOUTH Mobile Banking app will still be the app to use for mobile banking. When the app updates from the app store, the new logo will appear on the app icon along with new branding inside the app.
  • Will customer account numbers change? Nope! We are still INSOUTH Bank, but with a new look. Account numbers and our routing number will remain the same.
  • Do our customers need to do anything with their automatic payments or direct deposits? No. Being that account numbers and our routing number will stay the same, no changes are needed.
  • Can a customer still use their current INSOUTH debit card? Yes, the debit cards will remain valid and available. When the debit card expires, the new card will be updated with our new logo.

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INRewards Checking

Be Safer. Spend Smarter.

It’s Simple! INRewards Checking makes it simple to keep your family finances safer and take advantage of smart discounts on financial services and everyday purchases.

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eClub Benefits

Access at Your Fingertips

INRewards and INPrime Checking is loaded with valuable benefits and is designed for you. We make it fast and easy to have your savings and security information at your fingertips. insouthrewards.clubchecking login

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Bank Anywhere

Convenient at home or on the road life is busy. INSOUTH Bank can help you keep in touch with your money, whether you are at home or on the road.

Mobile Banking

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A Secure Banking Experience

Identity theft takes a serious financial and emotional toll on its victims. Together you and INSOUTH Bank can minimize the pain and hassle of identity theft, and ensure your peace of mind.

Identity Theft

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Safety. Security. Service.

We’ve added an extra layer of safety and security to every purchase, with new chip-enabled check cards available to all INSOUTH customers.

Chip Cards

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